CCN – the Colonia Citizen’s Network – is the leading provider of events, information, projects and Colonian Whisky in the entire Colonia Region.

Whatever trail you wish to blaze in the area, CCN can cater for you. Fascinating expeditions for explorers. Mining and materials information for you rock-raiders out there. The best bounty hunting spots (and the fiercest fighters to wing up with) for the trigger-happy. Events of all kinds, ensuring for you the most fun you can have without removing your Remlok suit. We have the experience and expertise to ensure whoever you are and whatever you do, we’ll help you get where you want to be.

All these things we aim to provide for any and all pilots in the region. So why join as a member?

Well, for CCN faction members, there is the chance to help build and grow our faction as we evolve and strengthen over the coming weeks, months and years. There will be faction-only events and regular giveaways.

So register here today to access exclusive members-only content on this very website – access to our exclusive Discord Server, useful links, and chances in the future to get yourself some tasty stuff – for free. More and more content will be added as time goes on – faction news, special races and events, and competitions.

But most of all – the chance to be part of the CCN family – the bestest, funnest, most experiencedest and expertiest bunch of pilots in wholia of Colonia!

CCN – Inclusive, Inventive, Supportive,

Your first port of call.