Colonia Citizens Network

We were here from the beginning. When Jaques was found, CCN was born. We came to help, and then we found we couldn’t help but stay. We built a new home under violet skies not many had seen. We were - and still are - the architects of the region, constructing events, projects, and exploration trips. We collect and share information for the benefit of all pilots in the region. We are the providers of all you need, whether you stay a single day or for the rest of your life. We represent the explorers, the idealists, the dreamers. Pilots who fly thousands of light years from humanity’s home to find a part of space free from conflict and the controlling powers. We are your first port of call when you arrive in Colonia. Because we now have a home - Phoenix Harbour, in the Centralis system. A place to be welcomed to, a place to watch grow - and a place to defend. We are CCN. We are the Colonia Citizen’s Network. Join us.